Understanding startups and their stock options

The richest people in the world became rich through company ownership — stock. More than just the founders make enough money to retire, though. To make it big for yourself, you need to understand what you’re jumping in to. This session covers how to find startups, how to evaluate their risk and reward, and what you need to know about their stock. [162]

Matthew Barlocker @mbarlocker

I'm a startup fanatic. Creating businesses, teams, products, and process are where I thrive. My background is in software engineering, so I prefer deep tech companies, like Blue Matador, my software monitoring startup.

In my spare time, you'll find me flying airplanes, playing luckless board games, riding my side-by-side, or learning new skills and languages (sailing & Italian on the shortlist).

Friday, Jun 8th, 04:00pm-04:50pm
Room 300B (business)
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