Blockchain 201

So you know the basics about how bitcoin works, but have you wanted to know more about second generation blockchain technology? This talk will start with a quick overview of how bitcoin works, followed by an overview of more advanced blockchain and cryptographic technologies such as: smart contracts, zk-SNARKS, IPFS, graph based chains, and alternatives to proof of work mining. [272]

Jonathan Dolan

Jonathan Dolan is a hacker at heart, and a software engineer by trade. Jonathan holds degrees from SLCC and Westminster College, and is proficient in a myriad of technologies (including Java, golang, SDR, and distributed systems), but loves diving into new areas of technology. He has worked at Medici Ventures, a blockchain-focused subsidiary of, since 2016 where he has become an expert in blockchain tools like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and cryptocurrency trading.

Thursday, Jun 7th, 03:00pm-03:50pm
Room 200C (data)
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